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Patrick Kearney plays Tarrega

Sun, 03/30/2014 - 11:33

Patrick Kearney, plays a Jeremy Clark 2014.

In this series I invite all and any luthier of classical guitars to drop off their instrument at my studio for a few days or so and I will produce a short video for them free of charge! In this forth installment Mr. Clark came back my studio happy to show off his new gem. For the sake of fairness all the instruments in this series will be mic-ed in the same fashion and distance. Similarly all post-production will be done equally. No pre or post-EQ is applied. No audio editing is applied. Even though the camera angle is different in this video; all the other audio statistics remained the same in comparison to the other 3 videos in this series. The top is solid engelmann spruce, the back/sides are of african rosewood. It’s a 650-660 multi-scale (notice the “crooked” bridge and frets !) and the strings are the Royal Classics “Dynamic Carbon”. Enjoy.

Quote & Video Source: http://youtu.be/ewy3Rk6bihs

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