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ES-330 VOS

Gibson Electric Guitars - Tue, 12/05/2017 - 02:22
ES-330 VOS
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Firebird Elite

Gibson Electric Guitars - Mon, 12/04/2017 - 08:20
Firebird Elite
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Explorer Elite

Gibson Electric Guitars - Mon, 12/04/2017 - 08:03
Explorer Elite
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Les Paul Studio Elite

Gibson Electric Guitars - Mon, 12/04/2017 - 08:01
Les Paul Studio Elite
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The Coolest Sounding Way to Play an A Chord

Guitar Hippies - Mon, 12/04/2017 - 03:45

This special way to play the A chord really stands out from the crowd of boring chords, and will bring an interesting "open" spice to your sound. Enjoy:

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Totally Guitars Weekly Wrap Up December 1st, 2017

On The Beat with Totally Guitars - Fri, 12/01/2017 - 19:51
Improve Your Guitar Skills with the online guitars lessons from Totally Guitars! Totally Guitars News Podcast So Thanksgiving has come and gone and now things will start to get really hectic. This morning I started a project of restringing and cleaning up my old Santa Cruz guitar (details on why are in the update), which, […]
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Paul Kelly - Live in SF

Guitar Vibe - Fri, 12/01/2017 - 16:40
Paul Kelly has been one of my favorite musicians since a trip a few years back to Australia. A buddy set me up with an iPhone full of Australian music and Paul Kelly's "Songs of the South" greatest hits album... Zack Urlocker
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Rock Opera: Klaatu - Hope

Guitar Vibe - Fri, 12/01/2017 - 13:05
If you know one thing about the obscure prog rock band Klaatu, it's that in the late 1970s they were rumored to be the Beatles. Of course, that wasn't the case, as legions of Beatles fans later realized when they,... Zack Urlocker
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Arpeggio Video School: How to Play Hallelujah EXACTLY Like Jeff Buckley

Guitar Hippies - Fri, 12/01/2017 - 09:19

This isn't just a spectacular song, but it's also an amazing arpeggio picking school for beginners. ENJOY:

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Kiesel Carvin SH550 Electric Guitar Review

The Gear Vault - Thu, 11/30/2017 - 11:35

Carvin SH550 AAAA flamed maple is the standard top, yes, we said “AAAA“ maple top, and unlike most “archtop” style guitars, the SH550 features an actual carved top. In addition, you can also choose an optional AAAA quilted maple top or a flamed koa top

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Nashville’s Must-Stop Music City Guitar Stores!

The Gear Vault - Thu, 11/30/2017 - 09:48

Mom & Pop guitar shops are a treasured rarity in the fast-paced world we find ourselves living in today. Screw Guitar Center! Check out Gear-Vault’s Must-Stop Music City Mom & Pop Guitar Shops in the Nashville area that ooze that Southern hospitality we all crave! Gruhn Guitars Come on by Gruhn Guitars aka guitar heaven! […]

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Boucher Guitars Offer Affordable, Versatile, High-Quality Acoustics

Eddie's Guitars - Thu, 11/30/2017 - 08:00
Eddies Guitars is happy to announce that we recently started carrying a new brand of impressive acoustic guitars from our neighbors to the north: Boucher Guitars. Boucher has quickly made a name for themselves as manufacturers of quality acoustics in part due to their workshop’s position among the largest Adirondack spruce forest in North America (they are based in the Canadian Appalachian province of Quebec). These old-growth trees are a treasure trove for guitar manufacturing, as they offer an abundant supply of high-quality top woods and bracing materials. Additionally, each guitar is hand-crafted, and their skilled luthiers are quickly gaining a reputation...
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Bruno Mars Rocks His Albert Lee during “24K Magic Live At The Apollo” Performance

Ernie Ball Music Man - Thu, 11/30/2017 - 07:57

Multiple GRAMMY Award-winning singer, songwriter, producer, director, musician, two-time Super Bowl Halftime performer, and Ernie Ball Music Man artist Bruno Mars performed in his first primetime television special last night with “Bruno Mars: 24K Magic Live At The Apollo” on CBS. This electrifying special was taped at the legendary Apollo Theater in New York City, where Bruno kicked off the special in spectacular style, with an epic performance atop the Apollo’s landmark marquee. Also, Bruno and his band the Hooligans took to the streets, visiting, singing and entertaining locals in exciting, intimate, must-see moments. The special, which will continue to tape in the coming weeks, features exhilarating, never-before-seen stage performances throughout the broadcast. Watch the entire first episode broadcast here.

The Albert Lee

During the performance of “Calling All My Lovelies” on tour and during his special, Bruno plays a custom “24k” colored Ernie Ball Music Man Albert Lee electric guitar. With its unique retro modern design and stunning array of vintage single coils options, the Albert Lee is one versatile instrument. Lightweight, comfortable and perfectly balanced players will appreciate its fit, form and function. Sporting a southern swamp ash body, figured maple neck and a trio of custom pickups, this guitar is the the perfect choice for guitarists who want brilliant high-pitched twang or smooth throaty tone wrapped up in a hum-free electronic package. Whether you are looking for twang or shine, grit or grease, the Albert Lee delivers, covering a wide ranging sonic palette all at the flick of the switch. Bruno plays Ernie Ball Regular Slinky electric guitar strings.




Top 5 Acoustic Guitar Jazz Albums

The Guitar Journal - Wed, 11/29/2017 - 22:16

Most of the greatest jazz albums have been recorded with hollow body or semi-hollow body guitars. However, do we consider these kind of guitars as acoustic guitars? Technically, they are acoustic guitars amplified by a magnetic pickup.

Jazz and blues guitarists as Charlie Christian, with his Gibson ES 150, Lonnie Johnson or Les paul were one of the first guitarists that uses pickups to convert the vibrations of the strings into electrical signals. Obviously, because of the weakness of sound, these guitars need to be plugged into an amplifier before being sent to a loudspeaker unlike acoustic guitars that need to be recorded with a microphone.

But a few jazz guitar players accustomed with electric guitars have made the choice to record entire albums with acoustic guitars, nylon or steel. Some of them, as Charlie Byrd has decided to use only acoustic guitars all along their career. Surely this is because acoustic guitars create a sense of authenticity, space and proximity at the same time, both for the players and listeners, a sensation that is not generally found with electric guitars.

There are different types of guitars, many sizes, many different forms, many tones – but there’s nothing that can quite replicate the sound or the feel of playing a nylon-string or a steel-string acoustic guitar.

Here is a list of the 5 best jazz albums recorded with acoustic guitars.

Top 5 Acoustic Guitar Jazz Albums

1: Django Reinhardt – Djangology

Jean Reinhardt, better known under the name of Django Reinhardt, is a french jazz guitarist born in 1910 and died in 1953. His style of playing and sound has given birth to the gypsy jazz. He is one of the most respected and influential guitarists of the jazz history. One the most representative album is surely “Djangology” with the quintet of the Hot Club of France featuring Stephane Grappelli (violin). This gem was released in 1961 in the United States by RCA records. 12 songs were recorded.

Track list :

  1.  Minor swing
  2.  Beyond the sea (la mer)
  3.  Bricktop
  4.  Honeysuckle rose
  5.  Heavy artillery
  6.  Djangology
  7.  After you’ve gone
  8.  Where are you my love
  9.  I saw stars
  10.  Lover man
  11.  Menilmontant
  12.  Swing 42

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2: Charlie Byrd – Quintet Du Hot Club de Concord

Charlie Byrd was an American jazz guitarist. He is best known to play fingerstyle on nylon string guitars and for his bossa nova recordings. His strongest influence was Django Reinhardt. To pay tribute to him, he founded the quintet of The Hot Club du Concord, similar to the quintet of the Hot Club of France founded by Django himself. This ensemble has two guitarists (with Frank Vignola), one bassist, one violinist and one harmonicist. The repertoire contains swing (swing 59) and Latin tunes (Besame mucho), ballads, and jazz standards (Moon river, Cotton tail). This recording is a highly recommended effort, difficult to find and hear on the internet, however here is a link with some samples.

Track list :

  1. Swing 59
  2. Golden earrings
  3. Lamentos
  4. Carinhoso
  5. Till The Cloud Roll By
  6. Jubilee
  7. Frenesi
  8. At the Seaside
  9. Gipsy boots
  10. Old New Orleans blues
  11. Cotton Tail
  12. Perfidia
  13. Moon river
  14. Besame mucho
  15. They didn’t believe me

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3: Joe Pass – Songs for Ellen

Is it really necessary to introduce Joe Pass? Jazz guitar master, true genius and virtuoso. He is known for his walking bass lines, his chord knowledge, his sense of improvisation and reharmonization. He’s still one of the greatest jazz guitarists of all time. In this posthumous album, Joe Pass plays exclusively on acoustic guitar (nylon-string). It should be pointed that he is used to play with electric archtop guitars (Gibson, D’Aquisto and Ibanez).

  1. The Shadow of Your Smile
  2. Song for Ellen
  3. I Only Have Eyes for You
  4.  Stars Fell on Alabama
  5.  That Old Feeling
  6.  Star Eyes
  7.  Robbins Nest
  8.  Someone to Watch over Me
  9.  Blues for Angel
  10.  There’s a Small Hotel
  11.  How Deep Is the Ocean?
  12.  Stormy Weather
  13.  Just Friends
  14.  Blue Moon
  15.  Satellite Village

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4: Baden Powell – Tristeza On Guitar

Baden Powell is one of the most known Brazilian composer and guitarist. Whether it is bossa nova, world fusion or Afro samba, Baden Powell is a guitar master with an unlimited imagination and a perfect purified style. Tristeza on guitar was recorded in Rio de Janeiro in 1966 at Studio Riosom and at Studio Atonal. It contains 11 gems that are mainly Latin tunes excepted the famous jazz standard “round about midnight” composed by Thelonious Monk.

  1.  Tristeza
  2.  Canto de Xangô
  3.  Round About Midnight
  4.  Saravá
  5.  Canto de Ossanha
  6.  Manha de Carnaval
  7.  Invencão Em 7½
  8.  Das Rosas
  9.  Som Do Carnaval
  10.  O Astronauta

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5:  Pat Metheny – One Quiet Night

Leader of the Pat Metheny group the man has incorporated a number of elements in his works and explore numerous of jazz styles as Latin jazz, jazz fusion, pop jazz, experimental or folk jazz all along his career. One Quiet Night is a solo album recorded on a steel-string acoustic baritone guitar. It contains original compositions by Pat Metheny except “My song” by Keith Jarett, “Ferry cross the Mersey” by Gerry Marsden and “Don’t know why” (Gerry Marsden) made popular by Norah Jones, daughter of Ravi Shankar.

  1.  One quiet night
  2.  Song for the boys
  3.  Don’t know why
  4.  Another chance
  5.  Time goes on
  6.  My song
  7.  Peace memory
  8.  Ferry cross the Mersey
  9.  Over on 4th street
  10.  I will find the way
  11.  North to south, east to west
  12.  Last train home

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About the Author

Stef Ramin is the webmaster and eBook’s author on jazz-guitar-licks.com, lessons for beginner and advanced guitarists. Passionate about jazz and blues music, he is an experienced musician, composer and guitar teacher.


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Video: 8 Ways to Skyrocket Your MUSICALITY

Guitar Hippies - Wed, 11/29/2017 - 08:10

Musicality, according to the merriam-webster dictionary, is "sensitivity to, knowledge of, or talent for music". In this video I'll share with you 8 ways that helped me a lot to develop it, and will surely help you as will.

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Fender American Precision Bass Guitar Review

The Gear Vault - Wed, 11/29/2017 - 08:03

Fender’s Precision Bass has long been the industry standard in electric bass guitars. If you’re reading this article, this isn’t anything you haven’t heard before. However, it seems nowadays the simplicity, durability, and thunderous time-tested growl of this instrument has fallen slightly out of favor, and we see more and more bassists relying on the active EQs, hyper thin necks, and high output pickups of the type that the Ibanez Soundgear series originally made popular.

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Luvay Pocket Guitar, Finger Exercise, Scales & Chords Practice Tool (6 Fret Black)

Best Beginner Guitar Today - Tue, 11/28/2017 - 19:56

Luvay Pocket GuitarMusic brings happiness to our lives and people finds it rejuvenating activity to be a part of music in one way or another. Guitar playing is one such musical activity that people find liberating and fulfilling. However, playing a guitar is a skill and needs a lot of practice. Yes, the biggest hurdle in following one’s dream of becoming a pro guitarist is lack of time. In a busy life whether you are a student or an office worker, one hardly finds time to practice and polish one’s skills. In addition, if one thinks about taking the guitar with them, commuting with a life size guitar can be a hassle. Even if you take it with you, playing it in office is not allowed and believes you me, not everyone is going to be a fan of your amateur tunes!

Fret not! Luvay Pocket Guitar is just what you need. Pocket Guitar is just what you think it is; it’s a pocket sized guitar which is small enough to fit in your pocket and can be carried anywhere without any inconvenience to you or others around you. Its state of the art, innovative gadget that is going to help you in getting your act together before you are ready to rock for real.


Although it’s just a musical tool for fingerpicking and chords practice, you will find its sound no less than a high-quality, expensive guitar. Beginners can now learn the fundamental guitar playing tricks while enjoy even and balanced sounds. Every tone created with its strings is rich and robust just like the one produced by expensive guitars.

The body structure and material also supports the production of high-quality sound. You will enjoy its tones in alone as well as gatherings. It offers warm and pleasurable sound that soothes the soul and relaxes the listeners. Being a beginner, you might feel a little difficulty in playing the guitar but the sound will not disappoint you even once. It’s a highly recommended practice tool for beginners who cannot compromise on sound quality.


This mini size practice tool with 6 frets can be carried easily in pocket. Like real guitars, the strings of this tool can also be replaced and tightened if needed to enjoy better sounds. It is made up of high quality plastic shells that are pretty durable and strong. Its design, which is called ergonomic, is quite hand-friendly. It fits in hand good allowing learners to get trained comfortably.

Solid wood is used at the inner side of the tool where strings are attached. This material feels quite strong and rich. Strings are also made up of high-quality material and don’t feel harsh at all.

Build and Design

Build and DesignPortable Design

Luvay Pocket Guitar, Finger Exercise, Scales & Chords Practice Tool are designed to facilitate easy portability and practicing your guitar playing skills without disturbing others around you.

Ergonomic Design

It features Ergonomic design. It has guitar neck with steel strings that are found in an acoustic guitar. This makes it comfortable to practice on it.

Adjustable Strings

A wrench that is usually present in the real guitar is also featured in Luvay Pocket Guitar and uses regular guitar strings. You can use this to improve your finger dexterity by practicing chord patterns over and over again, whenever you like, wherever you like.

Solid Wood

The material used to manufacture Luvay Pocket Guitar is solid wood that gives it a good feel when touched. The design is sleek, lean and overall, elegant look.

Apart from these, its features include:

  • 6 Fret, mini size
  • Genuine 6 strings whose tightness can be adjusted
  • Manufactured using high strength plastic shell for durability

Who is Luvay Pocket Guitar Practice Tool Suitable for?

Luvay Pocket Guitar Practice Tool is designed and manufactured for anyone who has a passion for guitar playing and wants to rock his way around. They can use this innovative apparatus to improve their dexterity in guitar playing, and become fluent in fingers agility while playing. You can improve your playing ability of scales and chords as well using this amazing tool. It can easily be taken anywhere with you, whether in a car, on bus, in an airplane; it can be used in offices, universities etc. Its sleek and lean design makes it easier to take with you and state of the art design of a real guitar gives an authentic feel of playing a real guitar. No sound coming out gives you freedom of playing it anywhere without being noticed.

Why do I like Luvay Pocket Guitar Practice Tool?

I work at a restaurant and a 12 hours shift really leaves no room for pursuing my passion; guitar playing. I love playing guitar every day, well, at least whenever I have time which I hardly do, ever! My friend told me about Luvay Pocket Guitar Practice Tool and man, I am happy that she did. Not only it is easy to take anywhere, it is no sound feature helps me practice in silence without getting unwarranted attention to myself, or my guitar playing, for that matter. It is easy to play and its strings really feel like that of an acoustic guitar.
Pocket Guitar Practice Tool


Luvay Pocket Guitar Practice Tool is a smart tool for guitar enthusiasts and can help them improve their guitar playing skills anywhere due to its sleek pocket size design. You can take it anywhere without any trouble and play it no matter where you are, even in the library, yes you read it right! Who knew? It is genuine, durable practice tool, which can help you master your guitar playing skills without getting undue attention.

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Angel Vivaldi Tears Through His Guest Solo in New Scale the Summit Video

Charvel Guitars - Tue, 11/28/2017 - 17:37

Charvel artist Angel Vivaldi is featured in the latest video from progressive metal band Scale the Summit. The talented guitarist takes his Charvel Limited Edition Super Stock DK24 guitar to the next level as he tears into a new dimension during a guest solo on “Witch House”.

Vivaldi is currently on tour with Scale the Summit through the end of December. If you want to catch the Guitar Collective 2017 tour, CLICK HERE for the remaining tour dates.

Watch the full “Witch House” video by clicking play below.

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